Business Intelligence

Software for better operational performance

For logistics managers, all the routine logistics operations involving suppliers, carriers, internal departments and customers can be challenging to manage. Without a mechanism to track, measure and analyze the performance and efficiency of these operations, it is very difficult to make changes that improve your bottom-line.

The Highway 905 business intelligence and reporting system enables you to effectively monitor and measure your operational performance, including cost to serve. Along with pre-built report templates, the solution also enables you to create your own report formats and analytic measurements specific for your business. It can easily integrate with your existing ERP systems and ensure there is a seamless flow of information across systems

Main Features

With complete flexibility and ease of use, the Highway 905 BI and reporting system is a cost-effective option to improve your operational performance.

  • Full export Capabilities

    All your logistics data, both summary and detail is available for query and export

  • Pre-built and custom Reports

    Choose from the wide range of pre-built KPI reports (warehouse metrics, cost-to-serve, Order/transportation/sales performance etc.) or create your own!

  • Easy Integration

    Easily integrate with your existing ERP systems

  • Super Search

    Extensive search capabilities to easily retrieve what you want