Delivering differentiated end-customer experiences with smarter supply chain execution, at reduced costs!

Your end customers have evolved over the years. In today’s competitive market space, reliability and differentiated services are the primary drivers for their mindsets. And your supply chain is the key in determining how well you fare in standing out from the crowd.

We are here to help you achieve that.

  • With 20+ years of experience in aiding the best around the world in their supply chain transformational journeys, we understand YOU like no one else.
  • Being one of the pioneers of cloud based supply chain execution, we are constantly challenging the boundaries of innovation with a focus on cost reductions and scalability.
  • Our holistic suite ensures that we have solutions for your every need.Whether it be, conforming 100% order fulfillment to smart inventory control, or the power of smart carrier selection at your fingertips to real-time shipment tracking to hassle-free mobile POD systems and freight payments, we have it all covered.

Visualize: Real-time visibility over the end-to-end supply chain ensures smarter decision making

Customize: Customizable solution ensures that it evolves with the changing business needs

Optimize: Optimized operational capability ensures that we make your supply chain experience, reliable and desirable for your end customers

So let’s get started.

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A sneak peek into our products on display for the event

Mobile POD system

  • Achieve 100% on-time delivery
  • Easy to use and intuitive Omni channel interface
  • Streamlined last mile delivery with real time updates
  • Simplified image capture and management of signed PODs

Shipment Tracking and Alert System

  • Enhance delivery compliance with real time shipment tracking
  • Efficient exception handling and alert system
  • Omni channel interface

Transport Management System

  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Optimize carrier selection and load

Warehouse Management System

  • Zero inventory discrepancy
  • 100% paperwork reduction
  • 100% accurate order fulfillment
  • 100% streamlined and efficient handling of vendor direct