Are you prepared to meet your new customers – Customer 3.0? More so, is your business supply chain ready for them?

This new group of your end-customers, are well informed, always connected and always searching for the best customer experiences. In short – they want everything in "Real-Time".

To step up to this demanding and hyper-connected end-customers, you need to evolve to the new level of customer service and supply chain management, one that lives in 'real-time'.

  • Real-time business analytics guiding you to identify the best and optimized transport for your shipments, based on the performance metrics that matters to you the most.
  • Real-time track and trace of shipments, to stay connected with your customers and update them on their delivery status, anytime.
  • Real-time capture of your proof of delivery to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery management.

Logistics will never be the same, again.

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A sneak peek into our main products

Mobile POD system

  • Achieve 100% on-time delivery
  • Easy to use and intuitive Omni channel interface
  • Streamlined last mile delivery with real time updates
  • Simplified image capture and management of signed PODs

Shipment Tracking and Alert System

  • Enhance delivery compliance with real time shipment tracking
  • Efficient exception handling and alert system
  • Omni channel interface

Transport Management System

  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Optimize carrier selection and load

Warehouse Management System

  • Zero inventory discrepancy
  • 100% paperwork reduction
  • 100% accurate order fulfillment
  • 100% streamlined and efficient handling of vendor direct