Delivery Tracking

Mobile App for real-time delivery tracking and POD

Highway 905 Delivery Track is a proof of delivery mobile application for Apple iPad. It’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional proof of delivery systems and provides very quick ROI. It is ideal for distributors and private delivery fleet operators who want to reduce the cost of their last mile distribution or daily milk runs.

It significantly reduces the paperwork and improves your delivery efficiency helping you increase your delivery capacity without adding additional fleet. Real-time status updates back to the server enables you to invoice your customers faster and achieve improved cash-flow. The application is built on a very flexible architectural frame-work that lets it easily interface with your in-house systems. It can be deployed either in-house or in the cloud.

Main Features

Highway 905 Delivery track has a very simple, intuitive user interface that requires very little driver training. Here are some key features:


    Ability to work in offline mode when connectivity isn’t available and later synchronize with server


    Instant real-time auto synchronization of all delivery updates to back office for complete visibility


    Quick and easy views for the driver to check pending, completed and all deliveries


    Support for full/partial deliveries and complete rejections with ability to record reasons, both driver and helper can work on the same manifest, add stops for a driver anytime during the delivery run.


    Implement at a fraction of the cost needed for traditional POD systems


    Low upfront investment and very little driver training ensures easy implementation