Who we are, our beliefs and values

At Highway 905, we take great pride in creating a product that speaks for itself, exceeds our customers’ expectation and makes their job easier. We are truly passionate about what we do and strive to deliver excellence and smiles.

Here are a few things we believe in:

  • There is always scope for improvement. This is what drives us to get better every day.

  • Take care of our customers and keep them happy, always. Rest will take care of itself.
  • No bureaucracy, politics or arm chair generals. Everyone gets hands-on if needed to get the job done!
  • Learn. Learn. Learn. We believe every day is an opportunity to learn and be better.
  • Have a 'Can do' attitude! Attitude first, talent next. Great talent means nothing with a bad attitude.

We are a team of peers, with minimal hierarchy, working together to bring value to our customers. As a small growing company, we wear multiple hats, getting opportunities to work on diverse areas, even outside our areas of expertise, helping us grow. We have a great workplace with a fun and engaging work environment that fosters learning and innovation.

If you share our beliefs and want to be a part of our team, we would like to hear from you! Mail us at on your interests and why you would like to join us.