Shipment Delivery Exception Management Service

Ensuring more on-time deliveries and less compliance costs

Unsupervised shipments = Shipment Delays = Dissatisfied customers = Increased customer compliance costs

Having the tools for real-time shipment visibility is not always enough for ensuring a sustainable logistics setup and on-time deliveries. You need to ensure constant monitoring of the outbound shipments to ensure that the deliveries are glitch-free and going as planned. Also, in case of an exception, you need to be prepared for the quick resolution of the issues.

This can become very labor intensive and time consuming given the large scale and frequency of shipments. Thus forming an in-house team for this might require special skilled people and investments.

But if not done properly, it may lead to unprecedented delays in shipments which in turn may lead to stalling the supply chain of your end customer and hence causing a drift in your long term relationships, as in this competitive world, logistics is more about the service differentiation than loyalties. An, not just losing the business you are liable for hefty compliance charges well.

Highway 905’s Shipment Delivery Exception Management Service serve as your extended team of logistics experts to ensure that your deliveries are always on-time and you never incur losses due to customer compliance issues.

Functions of the team

  • Provide end-to-end shipment visibility covering all multi-modal or multi-leg deliveries and special real-time event monitoring for high-priority items (or JIT goods)

  • Send email notifications and alerts to planners in case of unexpected delays

  • Co-ordinate with carriers, client brokerage group and client logistics group to ensure prompt resolution of exceptions and shipment diversions

  • Confirmation of physical warehouse delivery and or direct drop for invoicing support

  • Provide increased visibility of the cargo through transit routing

  • Generating ad-hoc and exception reports and greater long range cargo forecasting

To add to it all, onboarding our team for your business logistics service setup is very easy and fast, with no infrastructure changes required, minimum initial investments and zero hassle.