Transportation Management System

Smarter and simplified cloud based TMS

The current complexity of the global marketplace has posed a series of challenges for the businesses today to optimize their transportation operations to ensure that the right product reaches the right person at the right place in the right time but also at the lowest cost. Lack of smarter load consolidation has led to sub-utilization of the available carriers leading to inefficiency and increased freight costs. To add to that any inefficient auditing process for today’s complex freight invoices, increase the freight costs multi-fold.

How a TMS helps?

TMS or Transportation Management System is an effective logistics software, used to optimize the transportation operations of a business, ensure efficient utilization of available resources for a streamlined shipping process, effective handling of shipment related compliances, providing all round visibility and optimizing costs. In short, you get the best from your transportation channels with a software like TMS, and that too at decreased logistics costs.

Highway 905® TMS is our SaaS based transportation management system offering, focused on driving efficiency into your transportation framework while simplifying the processes with the power of digital.

  • It standardizes transportation processes and uncovers inefficiencies
  • Provides end-to-end visibility and actionable insights to the management to facilitate better decision making
  • Optimizes transportation costing with flexible freight rate management, smarter carrier selection and efficient load consolidations


Faster setup and low initial implementation cost.


Easy integrations with SAP, Oracle or any existing system


One contract, One Fee, Unlimited user access.


Flexibility in choosing either the full-blown system or selecting you own product modules and highly customizable

Product Modules:

Highway 905® Transportation Management System (TMS) gives you the flexibility to create your own software module by grouping the products you feel fit for your business needs and create a customized TMS software suite.

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