Load Planning Service

Optimizing your load planning towards reduced carrier costs

With transportation costs taking away the biggest chunk in the incurred logistics costs, load planning becomes an integral part of cost reduction strategies for any business. Once you realize that, you need to ask the right questions to determine where your business lies in the path towards having an optimized plan in place for load consolidation or capacity planning for shipments.

  • Are you spending unnecessarily on several LTLs when your load can be optimized in a better way for a single FTL?
  • Is your order grouping optimized to take the full advantage of the load tendering?
  • Is your business well equipped to handle broker negotiations skilfully?
  • How prepared is your load planning system in case of tender rejections?
  • Is your appointment scheduling prioritized as per the order importance and compliance levels?

Highway 905’s Load Planning Service acts as your extended team of logistics experts and ensures to provide an end-to-end strategic load planning services to facilitate overall carrier cost reductions and enhanced on-time deliveries.

Functions of the team

  • Optimized load build with our existing and 100% efficient transportation management system

  • Smart order grouping to ensure that your load tendering is fully-optimized to avail the benefits of each truck-load

  • Expert negotiations with brokers, so that you get the best rate always

  • Prioritized appointment scheduling to meet all customer compliance standards

  • Ad-hoc and effective load scheduling in case of any tender rejections

  • Assistance in smart load group processing for the date of carrier appointment

To add to it all, onboarding our team for your business logistics service setup is very easy and fast, with no infrastructure changes required, minimum initial investments and zero hassle.