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Change Management and Onboarding

Business operations is a critical unit of any organization that ensures the business is up and running every time. Any change to such a critical process needs an effective change management framework.

Whether shifting from an already existing system to our Highway 905's cloud based platform or even changing your manual processes to our Highway 905's cloud based automated ones. We ensure that our on-boarding process simplifies the transition for you and your team, while taking into consideration all your goals and skillfully handling all of your critical processes.

The on-boarding process and change management framework ensures a consistent and controlled process execution, with collaborative engagements from both teams in implementing our solutions for you. Thereby ensuring accelerated onboarding and faster return on your investments.

  • From setting the tone and expectations of the Change Management with kick-off meetings and analyzing your current set-up with our Change Readiness Assessment framework

  • To designing the onboarding plan that aligns perfectly with your business priorities
  • To identifying Change Champions across the stakeholders involved to ensure a collaborative execution process
  • To implementing it in an iterative stage-wise migratory model to ensure that your business process is never affected and the transition is seamless

For a detailed overview of our effective Change Management and Onboarding process flow and stages download our brochure below.

End-User Training

We create personalized training programs for your end-users to facilitate an accelerated adoption of our solutions within your organization and ensure you a faster journey to a higher Rate of Return.

  • On-site and classroom based training

  • Role-based training modules
  • Hands-on training
  • 20+ years experienced training instructors
  • 24x7 access to learning materials on our knowledge portal

Find out more details about our training program, the processes used and the differentiators, download our brochure now.

Highway 905 at a glance

Explore our 25+ year’s heritage of solving the complex supply chain challenges across the globe for enterprises to small and medium businesses, and being their most preferred logistics technology partner. Find out more about our award-winning cloud-based supply chain execution software suite and business logistics services focused on “personalization” and faster time to market.

Transportation Management System

Transportation is at the crux of almost every phase of your supply chain and involves one of the biggest cost drivers. Also with today’s shipment planning and management continuously involving multi-modal carriers, the whole system becomes much more complex. So optimized transportation management is the need of the hour for your business. It may either involve optimizing your own carrier efficiency or taking an informed decision in choosing a carrier provider to suit your business needs.

Our comprehensive TMS offers an end-to-end perspective to the transportation management needs of your business. It provides a seamless integration across systems and simplified management of multi-modal carrier involvement. It ensures simplicity with efficient load optimization, cost-to-serve analytics based ranking of carriers and automated freight payments.

Warehouse Management System

An always up-to-date and discrepancy free warehouse is the baseline of a successful business. It ensures efficient and smooth business operations leading to happier customers, increased profits and enhanced return business opportunities.

But similarly an inaccurate inventory system and inefficient warehouse management may lead to missed orders, wrong processing of out-of-stock items and decline in customer satisfaction rates.

Our WMS solution ensures an all-round happiness for you. Confused? Let us clarify.

  • A fully optimized warehouse management with customizable analytics reports and automated document processing ensures an efficient business, eliminates error induced costs and hence a Happier You.
  • An optimized and directed pickup, extensive integration capabilities and simplified interface ensures smooth workflow for warehouse workers and hence a Happier Employees.
  • An error-free inventory means less missed orders and more visibility over your supply chain, which in turn ensures Happier Customers.

Shipment Tracking and Alert System

Have you met the Customer 3.0? This new era of customers are highly informed, always connected and always seeking personalized experiences along with continuous engagement.

How do they affect you as a business? To keep up with this new customer evolution, businesses today needs to go ‘Real-time’. The challenge of becoming such a business comes from the main aspect of having real-time visibility over your supply chain and attaining precision in track and trace of your shipments.

Are you prepared for this?

Our shipment tracking and alerts system (STAS) enables you to achieve that in no time and also ensures cost savings across the holistic process by reducing compliance issues with our exception handling system.

Customer's preferred brand for supply chain execution

Experts say that in a business, it’s all about the numbers. If that’s the case, then we have an established set of numbers that define our story.

  • Did you know that we have a history of zero customer churn over the years of catering to their supply chain execution needs?
  • Do you know the record number of warehouses across US where we implemented our solution for a single customer (a global giant in manufacturing)?

More of such numbers and exciting facts about us.

Unlock the power of Smart Supply Chain

Intelligent: In a scenario of shipment tracking, the solution provides you with the report of your shipments in a pre-defined format

Smart: In the same scenario, the solution autonomously alerts you of your shipments which are not going as per schedule and allows you to view a real-time and customized report of all of your shipments

Intelligent supply chain are a thing of the past. It’s time for Smart supply chains, a digitized, automated and adaptable solution that enables you with the power of smart decision making by tapping into prescriptive business insights.

Delivering the beer cold

Our client is a premier distributor of retail wine & spirits in US. With more than 70 years of experience in catering to beverage demands across the US retail market, they were considered a name to reckon with.

Business Scenario: Their existing system of delivery management system was fully manual, with less or no real-time visibility or planning and that boiled down to numerous issues in their business operations.

Our Solution: We customized our Mobile POD System to suit their business needs and provided them with a comprehensive end-to-end approach to SMART shipment delivery and planning. It enabled them to take more informed decisions harnessing the power of business insights and thereby transform their erroneous delivery management into a more efficient and customer-centric one.

Realized Benefits: Cost reductions amounting to almost 400,000 USD in the very first year and faster processing of accounts receivable.

Aiming for the bigger pie

Our client, one of the global leaders in electronic goods manufacturing, was facing a very tough competition in maintaining its market share in the segment for the 'idiot box'. The management team decided to focus on achieving more end-to-end visibility over their product shipments in the coming season to improve their on-time deliveries and also optimize their overall process.

Business Scenario: To achieve their target of enhanced visibility over shipments and given their existing manual setup for the shipment tracking process, it called for increased manpower utilization and costs.

Our Solution: Our Shipment Tracking and Alerts System (STAS) ensured that they achieved their end-to-end visibility overs shipments that too at reduced workforce requirements.

Business Benefits: In the race for the bigger pie of the market share, they optimized their operations, reducing required workforce by 50%, saving millions and to add to it even enhancing their customer relationships.

Download our success story to learn more on their transformational journey.

Seamless scalability in no time

The sudden boost in demand of electronics goods presented an immediate opportunity for our client, an electronics goods manufacturing giant. They had to look at immediate decisions on expansion of their warehouse facilities, but that wasn’t going to be simple, given their existing setup.

Business Scenario: Our client’s on premise warehouse management system increased their setup times for a new warehouse by several months, which ranged from six months to one year. Adding to that, there were drawbacks like reduced operational visibility and increased logistics costs.

Our Solution: Switching to our cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensured that they achieved the ultimate business scalability in warehouse operations with improved operation visibility and holistic cost savings.

Business Benefits: Their warehouse setup time was decreased from 6 months to just “3 weeks” and realized y-o-y cost benefits amounting to millions of dollars.

Download our success story to learn more on their transformational journey.

Shipment Delivery Exception Management Service

Unsupervised shipments and mishandled shipment exceptions ultimately impacts your customer relations and your market reputation.

Whether it be un-timely deliveries or non-compliance with customer terms or creating situations where any shipment issue from you or carrier’s side might trickle down to the customer’s business pipeline, all of these affect your relationship in the long run and also increases your customer compliance penalties.

Generally due to the large scale of the orders involved in the daily shipments of a firm, it becomes difficult at times to keep track of all the orders or identify the shipment exceptions in real-time. But even if you do, it becomes labor-intensive and you might face challenges in resolving the exceptions without a specialist’s inputs.

Our team of experts has been handling the shipment tracking and exception handling services for the Global 2000s for over 10 years. We serve as your extended team of logistics experts to ensure that your deliveries are always on-time, exceptions are identified in real-time and skilfully resolved. So that, you never incur losses due to customer compliance issues or harm your customer’s trust.

Download our brochure to learn more.

Freight Pay and Audit Service

Today, freight costs, form the largest part of the annual logistics costs for most of the firms. But considering the level of criticality involved in freight costs, how much importance do you really give to having a full-proof freight auditing? Are you sure, that you are not losing money without even realizing it?

Freight quote audits if not performed diligently, may cause firms to lose millions and millions of dollars due to the various cost slippage like duplicate billing, unapproved additional charges, rating errors and many more. Another important aspect with having an established freight auditing process is enhanced visibility over your logistics costs which in turn boosts your supply chain decision making capability.

Think of a situation, where you have all of that, but at lesser effort and cost. From hassle free freight invoice processing (both physical and digital) to efficiency driven freight cost audits and pay, our team has got it all covered for you.

Download our brochure to learn more.

Load Planning Service

If you are here, there must be one question that is troubling you for a while! “Can I save of freight costs with a much more optimized load planning?”

And the questions don’t just end there. To understand where your business strategy on load planning is, you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you spending unnecessarily on FTL when your load can be optimized in a better way for a LTL?
  • Is your order grouping optimized to take the full advantage of the load tendering?
  • Is your business well equipped to handle broker negotiations skilfully?

To list a few.

And, if those questions make you feel that you might be facing a supply chain challenge of implementing an effective load planning process in your day to day shipments, you might not have to look any further!

Our team of experts, ensure that we become your trusted service partner in your daily business operations. So that your logistics operations become hassle-free and you enjoy enhanced cost savings from fully optimized load planning as per your business needs.

Download our brochure to learn more.

Last Mile Delivery Solution

With last mile costs taking up almost 35% of the total transportation costs and it being the most important point of contact for the business with their end-customers, the amount of impact it has on the overall logistics cost and business opportunities is incomparable. An unplanned route for stop-offs can affect 6-7% of the total fuel costs involved in the delivery runs; lack of visibility over field workforce effects the efficiency of on-time deliveries which in turn effects your customer satisfaction and that drills down to affecting your repeat business and much more.

From dispatcher’s desk, to driver’s cabin to the customer’s fingertips, Highway 905’s Last Mile Delivery Solution helps in covering the end-to-end journey of last-mile, ensuring an optimized delivery execution plan powered by real-time visibility and coordination.

Download our Last Mile Delivery solution brochure to know more about our holistic last mile management software, covering all aspects from manifest creation to final signed POD capture.

Shipment Tracking Mobile App

Currently, industry average time for resolution of a shipment exception is from 5 days to about a month or even more. Shipment exceptions and the delay in getting apprised about them, can cost the brand heavily, both in terms of increased compliance costs and also loss of brand reputation. The delivery performances have thus become extremely vital in this hyper-connected customer landscape where brand loyalty is on thin ice.

Highway 905 Shipment Tracking Mobile App simplifies this important business process of shipment tracking and exception monitoring, thereby improving the supply chain visibility for the business, multifold and boosting their delivery performances. Being a smartphone based app hosted on a cloud platform, it is easy to setup and access from anywhere, and a highly scalable platform to support any level of business growth.

Download our Shipment Tracking Mobile App solution brochure to know more about our holistic shipment tracking software, bringing your shipment and container tracking details at your fingertips.

Decoding the On-time Delivery Success

Faced with challenges of reduced on-time delivery performances that was in turn affecting their customer relationships and adding to their logistics costs with increased compliance charges.

The multinational consumer goods manufacturer, opted for our Shipment Delivery Exception Management Service and within a year of onboarding, their on-time delivery successes rate was improved to 98% and their compliance charges were reduced by 90%.

Find out more about their exceptional journey! Download the Success Story to know more.

Designing the VMI of the Future

Faced with challenges arising from the manual setup of their VMI operations and increasing losses amounting to millions of dollars due to inventory errors, this US based logistics service provider, were in need of revolutionizing their operating model with focus on efficiency and simplicity. Their decision in opting for our cloud-based Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) suite helped them design a highly scalable, efficient and reliable VMI framework of the Future.

Find out more about their exceptional journey! Download the Success Story.

Unlocking the hidden Freight Cost Reductions

Being a pioneer in the consumer electronics segment for the past 100+ years, our client always had a busy shipment schedule and with the various modes, carriers and paths involved, it called for complex freight invoices. But in spite of the level of complexity, their freight invoice auditing was performed manually, resulting in lack of inter-modal support, very minimal checks and verification of charges. All boiling down to high freight bills.

Find out how our Freight Pay and Audit service team powered by our automated Freight Pay and Audit System ensured a simplified, accurate and hassle-free freight invoice auditing and payment ecosystem. Thereby reducing their freight bill by almost 16% in a year.

Find out more about their exceptional journey! Download the Success Story.

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