Transportation Management

Software for smart shipping

When it’s time to ship your goods, you need a reliable carrier that provides on-time and safe delivery. You need to check all available modes, carrier rates, their performance record and a host of other factors to choose the right carrier. This can be a daunting task. But, if done correctly, can bring significant improvement to your operational efficiency and cost savings.

The Highway 905 transportation management system (TMS) uses our proprietary carrier selection algorithm to help you identify the right carrier for your shipments. With its complete carrier rating system, you’ll be able to choose the best carrier based on performance, affordability, and other important factors.

Main Features

Here are some of the key features of Highway 905 TMS

  • Carrier Management

    Carrier selection, rating, contracting and compliance.

  • Load Planning & Optimization

    DC By-pass/Direct delivery, Load Consolidation, Order Pooling, Mode Selection/Rating, Carrier Selection, Continuous Movement, 3rd party tariff and mileage system interfacing etc.

  • Shipment Execution

    Appointment scheduling, Automatic load tendering, Pickup confirmation etc.

  • Freight Payment

    Match pay, Self-pay, Freight accrual and audit