Shipment tracking & Alert

Software for total shipment visibility

Few things upset customers like late shipments of their products. Keeping your customers happy by ensuring their shipments are on schedule can help you build your reliability and gain customer trust.

Highway 905’s enterprise-class, multi-carrier Shipment Tracking & Alert system can help you achieve this goal.

Main Features

Along with extensive track and trace features, Highway 905 also provides powerful proof of delivery and reporting capabilities.

  • Extensive Carrier Integration and Data Collection

    Pre-integration with most major carriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL, APL etc. The data aggregation engine supports multiple carrier integration and communication options.

  • Document Integration

    Highway 905 ties all related documents like BOL, packing slips and customer orders together helping you find the details you need effortlessly.

  • Super Powerful Search

    Search for information by Bill of lading, Order number, Po Number, Ship-to name or Carrier in lighting speed.

  • Real time Visibility

    Enjoy real-time visibility of your shipments, identify and resolve issues before they get out of hand.

  • Proof of Delivery

    Get proof of delivery information across all carriers and modes

  • Exception Management

    Set custom exception rules and receive instant alerts when these exceptions occur.