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The world of logistics at your fingertips

Nowadays with the democratization of technology and ease of accessibility, business is no longer just numbers, business is more humane than ever. And in this hyper-connected and fast-paced new era, business is no longer just a single entity!

Let’s say for a business today, sustainability or profitability depends on as much as the people behind the creative marketing campaign ideas, as it depends on the people operating their warehouses and as much as it depends on the customer evaluating his options and clicking on “Order Now".

  • To gist it out,
  • Business = Your End-Customers
  • Business = Your Workers
  • Business = Your Decision Makers
  • Business = YOU

It’s time to “Rediscover Yourself” with Highway 905.

Whether be it, satisfying the inquisitive mind of your end-customer with real-time updates with our shipment tracking and last-mile products powered by mobility solutions OR bringing the simplicity back to digital for your warehouse workers with our warehouse management products OR enabling your decision makers with the flexibility to adapt to the latest supply chain models with our Cross-Docking, Reverse Logistics, Work-in-progress, Service and Repair Management modules OR giving you the end-to-end visibility with Supply Chain Analytics reports.

Highway 905 – Digital Logistics products that define YOU.

Highway 905 Product Suite


Ensure a discrepancy free warehouse, with enhanced productivity, efficient cost-control and a smarter order fulfillment setup with our end-to-end Highway 905® Warehouse Management System or pick and choose your products from our customizable plug-ins for your exact business needs


From multi-fold freight cost reductions to increased customer satisfactions with a more efficient end-to-end delivery management setup with our Highway 905® Transportation Management System and Highway 905® Shipment Tracking System or pick and choose your products from our customizable plug-ins for your exact business needs